We believe the essence of Niner Nation is found in our community. Together, we as Niner Nation can move mountains. That is why we look to empower and equip every Niner that makes up our diverse student body for success. Our campaign is centered on amplifying the voices of each and every student on our campus. To do this we have implemented three primary points of action: 


1. Community Outreach: We promise to give students a chance to voice concerns and what we can do to address them.


2. Advocacy: We step into any room willing to fight tooth and nail for what our fellow students need, no matter the title of who sits across the table.


3. Transparency: We will show you that we are doing to fight for you and if that’s not enough, empower you to demand more. 


We have a long road ahead of us, but if there is one thing we know about Niner Nation it is that we can achieve anything if we just work together. 

What do you want to see from us?

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